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Startup Funding Opportunites

Financing a startup can seem impossible. We can help.

Don’t risk your business on luck or some banker’s mood – we’ll make a complicated process simple & easy so you can go back to doing what you love, running your business.

Start-up Funding Is Available

If you have a new small business, or plan to open one, and are looking for funding, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Funding up to $350,000 is available right now
  • Get pre-approved in 24 hours
  • Services are based on performance, so there are ZERO costs or upfront obligations

Minimum Qualifications


  • 700+ personal credit score
  • Retirement Account (401K, IRA, ETC) with a minimum of $35,000


401K and/or IRA Options to Roll Into New Business
  • Access your retirement funds tax & penalty free for your business
  • Forget the stock market, invest in yourself!


Franchise Funding

Our Funding Specialists know the right programs, or combination of programs, to use in order to get your franchise funded.

We can get you started faster than anyone else & also provide you a funding roadmap to owning additional locations or territories.


What about traditional banks?

Mainstream banks are usually unwilling to provide these same types of high risk, short term small business startup loans.

At the same time, many banks are starting to refer their own customers to receive these types of business loans as a means of improving their credit worthiness.



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